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Health; Scalp & hair conditions

  Symptoms  Cause  Remedies

Pityriasis capitis (dandruff)

Small, itchy, dry scales,

white or grey coloured

Overactive production and shedding of epidermal cells, Stress-related

Anti-dandruff shampoos, Oil conditioners or conditioning creams applied to the scalp

Seborrhoea (Greasiness)

Excessive oil on the scalp or skin

Overactive sebaceous gland

 Shampoos for greasy hair

Eczema (sometimes called dermatitis)

 Red, inflamed skin which can develop into splitting and weeping areas. It is often irritated, sore and painful Either a physical irritation or an allergic reaction  Seek medical treatment 

Psoriasis (silver scaling patches)

Thick, raised, dry, silvery scales often found behind the ears   Overactive production and shedding of the epidermal cells. Possibly passed on in families, recurring in times of stress  Coal tar shampoo or seek medical treatment
 Alopecia areata (round bald patches)  Bald patches  Shock or stress. Hereditary Seek medical treatment 
Male-pattern baldness (baldness, thinning hair)   Receding hairline, thinning hair, Baldness  Genetic or hereditary Seek medical advice 
Cicatrical (scarring) alopecia  A permanent bald patch where the hair follicles have been destroyed  A scar from skin damage, heat or cut  No treatment available 
Sebaceous cyst (lump on scalp) A lump either on top of or just underneath the scalp Blockage of the sebaceous gland Seek medical treatment
Fragilitis crinium (split ends) Split, dry, roughened hair ends Harsh physical or chemical damage Reconditioning treatments or hair cutting
Damaged cuticle (tangled hair) Cuticle scales roughened and damaged, dull hair Harsh physical or chemical damage Reconditioning treatments. Restructurants
Trichorrhexis nodosa (swollen, broken hair shaft)  Hair roughened and swollen along the hair shaft, sometimes broken off  Harsh use of chemicals  Restructurants. Recondition and cut hair 
Monilethic (beaded hair shaft)  Beaded hair (a very rare condition)  Uneven production of keratin in the follicle  Hair must be treated carefully 
Keloids  Scar tissue with no hair follicle  Permanent damage to the skin  Seek medical advice 
In-growing hair  Hair which has grown back into skin   Looped hair which can be infected Seek medical treatment 

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