How to refresh faded hair colour without using dye

May 23, 2018

How to refresh faded hair colour without using dye

It’s been just a few weeks since you dyed your hair, but today the colour looks not as bright and shiny. We feel your pain! After a while blonde shades turn yellow, brunettes go grey and reds simply fade, but dyeing too often may damage your hair and burn a hole in your pocket… Smart Beauty offers a safe, inexpensive and easy-to-apply Hair Colour Refreshers to use in-between salon appointments. 


What is a Hair Colour Refresher?

A refresher is a chemical-free colouring paste that you apply to a wet hair, and wait for just 3 minutes to get stunning results. It revives brunette shades, reduces yellow hues in blonde tones, and revitalises vibrant colours, leaving your hair soft and shiny. Interesting fact: it is often used by celebrities a day or two before the red carpet to get a perfect deep colour.


Can I dye my hair during pregnancy? 

Dyeing your hair with permanent or semi-permanent colours is not recommended, but our Hair Colour Refreshers are perfectly safe for future moms and people with allergies. Smart Beauty refreshers are free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, bleach and peroxide. 



Colour Refresher vs. hair dye

A hair dye is designed to change your hair colour and cover the dark roots or grey hair, while colour refresher is ideal to maintain the existing colour and blend the greys. It can only be used on previously dyed hair and does not bleach your hair.

Hair dye can last up to 5 weeks, but the fading can start much quicker, especially in platinum blonde and red tones. Our refreshers last up to 5 washes - exactly what you need to keep the colour fresh between salon visits.

You would probably need the whole tube of hair dye to cover all your length, while a Refresher covers at least 4 applications. Yes, this little jar will serve you months!


How to refresh hair colour at home. Step-by-step tutorial.

1. Choose the right Refresher shade that matches your base hair colour. 

Dark: Warm Brown, Mahogany Brown, Copper Brown or Chestnut Brown.

Blonde: Platinum Blonde, Ash Blonde or Honey Blonde. 

Vibrant: CopperRed or Purple Colour Boost refreshers. 

2. Wash your hair with your normal shampoo without conditioner, rinse and towel dry.

3. Place a towel around your shoulders and divide hair into 4 sections: front to back and ear to ear

.Hair section in 4

4. Wearing protective gloves, grab some Refresher from the jar using your fingertips and evenly apply the cream to your hair from the roots to the length. Start with the back sections and continue to the front. After spreading the cream to each section, comb it through. 

5. Leave the Refresher for just 3 minutes, or a little longer for the more intense colour. Rinse well without additional hair products.

We are proud to say that Smart Beauty Colour Boosts are not tested on animals and are suitable for vegans.

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