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Dying armpit hair with bright colours

Kylie Jenner with Pastel Hair dye | Dip-dyedWhat if you want to have pastel hair dye but retain your natural hair colour? Pastels only work on bright white hair, no? Yes, they do – to get the brightest colours, but if you want to keep your dark natural hair, you can still work with pastel dye and have amazing results.

dying armpit hairCelebrities like Katy Perry to Rita Ora are playing with bright fashion hair colour, but a new hair dying trend of dying armpit hair is growing… A campaign on social networking site Weibo has women posting dyed hairy armpit selfies in order to stand up against society’s dislike of body hair. Perhaps the UK and the US will relax towards the European attitude to body hair, where women trim rather than shave. So if you buck the society’s expectations of clean-shaven armpits and ventured in to dying them, then be proud and share. Many years ago Smart Beauty launch a range of Bikini colours, this was received a mixed reaction, I wonder if we could convince retail to take a range of dying armpit colours, or is this a step to far?

Try dying armpit hair at home:,

If you are keen to express yourself through armpit colour then try our intense red or carmine pink highlights kit, this is a one step colour process and will work on coarser armpit hair, without the need to bleech. If you fancy an alternative shade, then bleach with our ammonia free Smart Total Blonde, followed by any of our pastel or vibrant colours. A note of warning: the skin under your arm is more sensitive than most, so be careful not to put chemicals directly on the skin when dying armpit hair.

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